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We all need a good food hub

InstagramCapture_a428df47-8ab7-4e57-8fc5-e94eb3b1d47eWhen my other half came over to my family home to meet the parents and have Sunday lunch we were dispatched for some vegetables and a sticky toffee pudding. I took him to the farm, just a two minute walk from my parents’ front door. In a little barn on the edge of the road was the farm shop where they sold home grown fruit, vegetables and stocked food made by local producers.

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Homecooked is healthy

I know not everyone has enough time to cook. Heh, I’m the cheerleader for preparing every meal from scratch and sometimes I can’t be bothered going into the kitchen! But cooking, knowing what you’re putting into your food, how you prepare it and craft it is vital, especially if you want to eat healthier this year.

I don’t develop purely healthy recipes – those who will have noticed I have a penchant for adding sausages to recipes will know that. But I try to eat healthily as often as I can and I’ve found that when I started cooking from scratch I made more conscious decisions about the meals I was eating.

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Adding a little flavour

We were on our way for a cheeky pint after work when one of the chaps I share an office with said he had to pick a few bits up for tea.

Now this chap is a bit of a fearless foodie. He tries all these incredible flavours and ingredients with the confidence and bravado of someone who’d be an amazing chef if only he didn’t make such great films.

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A little Southern Living

Do you ever feel like you’re in a food rut?

It’s great to cook and I’ve got recipes that are so warm and familiar they feel like a friend I haven’t seen for ages as I start to cook them in the kitchen. But I can’t cook them all the time. I get hopelessly bored.

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