I know not everyone has enough time to cook. Heh, I’m the cheerleader for preparing every meal from scratch and sometimes I can’t be bothered going into the kitchen! But cooking, knowing what you’re putting into your food, how you prepare it and craft it is vital, especially if you want to eat healthier this year.

I don’t develop purely healthy recipes – those who will have noticed I have a penchant for adding sausages to recipes will know that. But I try to eat healthily as often as I can and I’ve found that when I started cooking from scratch I made more conscious decisions about the meals I was eating.

Why is this important? Well I’m not one of those women who will tell you to go on a diet. I’m pretty certain, to be honest that you look fabulous exactly as you are. I have gone up sizes and down sizes and like a lot of people I probably spend more time than I should trying to turn the volume down of the voice in my head who keeps pointing out that I don’t look like those girls in the magazines. Well, my mum is the same size as me, her mum was and I’ll bet you all the money in my purse that HER mum was as well. You can’t fight genetics. After what I’ve put my body through over the last twenty years I’m just glad it’s still working.

What I eat is important to me because it keeps my body healthy and ticking over. When my body is healthy it’s happy. I think that has to be at the start of any promise you make to yourself or any resolution. Eat healthily and eat happily. Know what you’re putting into your food and meals and you’ll feel more in control. Yes, it can take longer to cook but I can easily start giving you shorter recipes in their own section so that’s easier to work out – I try not to add recipes that take any longer than 45 minutes to an hour. Longer recipes are great for weekends but not for school nights, we’re all too tired.

I signed up to @fatgirlphd’s #30daysofhappiness this year and I’m really enjoying her brand of frankness and positivity. Have a read and see what you think